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Stressed Woman

Anxiety is such a powerful and at times debilitating emotion. We are often left lost as to why we are feeling this way, what has caused this anxiety feeling and how to cope with the feeling.

Believe it or not your anxiety has a purpose. Your body is sensing a threat emotionally and your central nervous system is activated. The alarm bells are going off to warn you of a threat.

We will figure out together what is the purpose of that anxiety, what the anxiety is warning you about and effective ways to manage the feelings.


As your therapist helping you with your anxiety symptoms and feelings, you can expect me:

  • To work collaboratively with you on your goals and the changes you have been longing for

  • To help you gain insight and understanding regarding the purpose of your anxiety

  • To understand the core feelings underneath your anxiety

  • To help you tolerate ambiguity and assess risk

  • To help you strengthen your skills to manage the anxiety

Reach out TODAY for your FREE 15 minute phone consultation to see how I can help you manage the symptoms and feelings of anxiety.

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