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I do offer a free 15 minute consult to discuss how I can help you. Please contact me to book your free consult now.


The recommended fee for counselling services is $220 per session for individual and couples counselling. My set fees are $200 per session. I do offer a limited number of spaces on my caseload for fees needing to be accommodated on a sliding fee bases. Please inquire if you are needing one of these spaces.


Insurance Coverage

Most counselling fees are covered under health insurance benefit plans. It is important for you to confirm with you insurance provider if they cover a Master of Clinical Social Work (MSW) or Registered Social Worker (RSW). 


Services are currently being offered in person and online. In person services are available on Mondays and online Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Service Delivery 

  • What can I expect from counselling at Brave Beginnings?
    You can expect a collaborative relationship to help you access your inner resilience. My role is to help listen to your story and devise your therapeutic goals. After one to two sessions we will devise a treatment plan that we will evaluate over the course of therapy. If you are not getting the benefit from the services we will look at adapting the treatment plan to move you towards change in your life. You can expect to be an active participant in therapy. There will be assigned tasks outside of session for you to complete.
  • What does a first counselling session entail?
    The first session will consists of me completing an interview to not just get a sense of your presenting problem and relevant history. In addition, I will assess what are the skills that you need to learn to help you deal with the adversity in life. Once I have gained a good sense of your presenting problem then I work towards devising your therapeutic goals and treatment plan.
  • Can Social Workers provide counselling services?
    Yes. A Social Worker with a Master of Clinical Social Work completed a Masters level of education that focuses on mental health/counselling field of social work. They are specialized to provide counselling services.
  • What is the difference in counselling provided by a Rpsych, RSW,/MSW, and Certified Counsellor?"
    There is rarely to no difference in terms of the counselling service being provided. The biggest difference is regarding what your insurance plan will cover. Most insurance plans will cover Rpsych or RSW. In addition, Rpsychs and RSWs are governed by a college.
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