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Couple in Rooftop Cuddling


Are you TIRED of feeling disconnected from your partner?

Are you TIRED of having the same arguments over and over?


Have you TRIED talking to your partner to make changes and haven’t been able to make any progress. Now you are possibly left feeling frustrated and hopeless about your the future of your relationship.


My goal is to help you have the LOVE that you have been longing for

Here are common issues I can help couples work through:

  • Feeling distant emotionally to the point where one or both of you are contemplating separation or divorce

  • Your relationship lacks closeness on an intimate and sexual level

  • Conflict leaves you both feeling distant and frustrated

  • Your communication styles have you both stuck in being able to understand each


  • One of both have gone outside of the marriage in either an emotional or physical


  • One or both you no longer have any energy left to fight for the relationship or to

    even communicate with each other

  • You often think about how easy life will be if you left your partner

For over a decade and a half, I have worked with individuals and couples on their relationship concerns. I am passionate about relationships and helping you to find the way back to your partner. I have a special interest in couples who are navigating transition whether that be into parenthood, retirement, new career, a tough situation that has impacted your love for each other. 

I have completed extensive training and supervision in Emotionally Focused  Couples Therapy (EFT). I am working towards becoming a certified EFT couples therapist. In addition, I have completed various trainings through the Gottman Institute and the Couples Institute. I can bring a vast array of knowledge and expertise to the room as your couples therapist.

I am here to help you get the LOVE you are deserving of

As your couples therapist, you can expect me:

  • to create a safe nurturing place for you to come and be honest with your deepest feelings

  • To help you find your way back to each other through guiding you through effective and open communication

  • To help you navigate conflict so that it brings you closer together versus creating frustration and emotional distance

  • Provide you with an expertise and knowledge of various evidence based models used to treat couples issues

  • Most importantly, to help you and your partner to find your way back to the connection and love you have for each other.

Reach out TODAY for your FREE 15 minutre phone consultation to learn more about how I can help you. 
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