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Couples Counselling

Another area I specialized in is couples counselling. Relationships and marriages are tough. We are somehow expected to know what makes a marriage successful. We are expected to be able to navigated the stresses and strains that are placed on a marriage and somehow miraculously come out on top. Couples counselling allows us to focus on the relationship dynamic that has been created between yourself and your partner. I will help you to figure out what is contributing to the current relationship dynamic created between yourself and your partner. The treatment plan will target interventions and strategies to strengthen and improve your relationship dynamic and unhealthy behaviours that may have creeped in.


Here are some areas of expertise I have in couples counselling:


  • Emotional Disconnection

  • Affairs/Infidelity

  • Sex/Intimacy 

  • Conflict Management 

  • Differentiation Management 

  • Developing Empathy/Validation/Vulnerability

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